API Docs

An API may be for a web-based system, operating system, database sysyem, computer hardware or software library. An API specification can take many forms, but often includes specifications for routines, data structures, object classes, variables, or remote calls. POSIX, Windows API, the C++ Standard Template Library and java APIs are examples of different form of APIs. Documentation for the API is usually provided to facilitate usage.

Our Services API

Fusion Telecom provide a comprehensive suite of telecom services to businesses and contact centres. We unlock aspiration by improving communication through tailored, leading edge and trusted technology that leverages excellence to achieve outstanding performance.

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VoiceGuard TM helps businesses who want to verify callers' identities by automating the process, reducing manual verification, enhancing security and improving the caller experience.

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Smartscribe TM helps businesses transcribe their calls by automating the process and enabling customisable key phrase searches using its built-in reporting suite.

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inSurvey TM helps businesses who want to learn what their customers think, using a truly unique approach that eliminates cherry-picking, engages agents and ascertains the truth.

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Calls TM manages inbound communications with artificially intelligent call routing that uses database integration to put the customer straight through to the right person..

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Numbers manages wide range of local, national, non-geographic and international numbers are underpinned by our cutting edge, multi-carrier telecoms platform.

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PayGuardTM helps businesses take card payments securely over the phone, removing agents from the process and protecting customers' personal information.